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Real thing? No. Tasty? Absolutely.

I enjoy Tandori chicken often and while Mighty Meals' version isn't the real thing, it is very tasty. The chicken is also tender. I purchase this meal weekly.


Fresh, great flavor and very versatile for salads, pasta, and fajitas, etc.


Delicious and satisfied that Buffalo wing craving. A little heavy on the carb side. I could have had about half the rice and added grilled cauliflower florets tossed in the Buffalo sauce too. I will order again!

Sooo good!

This was my favorite meal. You would never know it is vegan and it was a filling option! It has a kick to it (spice) but nothing too much.

Fantastic meal!

First time with MM...will order again...and again! Thanks for the great service, too. Delivery was perfect. Don't need the rice to be "flavorful"...that's what my accompaniments are for.


Nice taste and texture! Filling

Very Good Meatloaf

Very solid, turkey meatloaf. I will get this every time I order.

Loved this

We really liked this - even the toddler. Was great to have on hand for quick, easy protein.


Tuna was a little dry and a little tough but it’s hard to do tuna in a meal delivery. Did not live the artichoke salad. Will not be ordering this one again

Perfect breakfast

Quick and tasty breakfast!!


Fantastic flavor! Not too spicy, but not too mild. A very generous portion! You will not be hungry to soon after this great meal!

Seasoned just right

Greatly seasoned wings, I frozen them for a week and cooked them in my air fryer! Turned out GREATTTT!!

Very Good taste

This dish tastes awesome. Wish it was a little bigger in serving but definitely worth it.


Absolutely amazing. It’s literally Mexican food for breakfast. I couldn’t be happier. Already reordered this one.

Nice meal!

I enjoyed this meal. The combination of the tango was of the pineapple with the savoriness of the pork was just right. I recommend this meal highly!


I loved it much more than I thought I would. ❤️ It was amazing.

Very tasty

Delicious... was skeptical because I fear fish may smell too much like fish... flavorful and filling

Great wings!

Love these wing...great taste!!!!

I get this with every order! It’s so tasty and filling. I usually order 3-4 so I can have it for most of my dinners each week. Definitely my favorite non-meat option!


This was my first mighty meal and it was EXCELLENT! Definitely recommend!


Very pleasant for eating


I often these types of snacks, how did you make me love this??? Amazing

Simple but yummy!

It’s genius is its simplicity. The beef is similar to the beef in the bulgogi. Yummy way to start the day!


The steak was so good. Tender and not overcooked. I would definitely order again!