Based on 2011 reviews
A Favorite

A very tasty and delicious dish. I rarely eat red meat, but this dish is so lean that I can eat it and feel a-ok. The brussels sprouts are very tasty and I'm grateful for any Mighty Meals dishes that come with a vegetable. Rice, especially white rice, gets thrown in our household, so we try to avoid any dish with that has rice as the only side dish.

Lemon Pepper Steak 2.0
Margaret Frush
Lemon pepper

This is one of our favorites. Always good.

Peppercorn Steak
Jonathan Weston
Perfect steak meal

classic American dish, steak cooked perfectly severs with mashed Potatoes and a veggie. Delicious!


I wondered if it would live up to my own chili - and it did!! I am an excellent cook who, at age 70, really doesn't enjoy cooking anymore. But I still enjoy eating good food. So glad I found Mighty Meals. Ate the first half as dinner with a salad. Ate the second half with melted cheese, salsa and tortilla chips as dinner another night (it was my treat/carb night) So good!!!

Really awesome

Steak and gains best steak dinner. Juicy and tender . Mushrooms on point

Vegan Chipotle Bowl
Darlene Chimaliro
Deliciously flavored

My husband and I started ordering Mighty Meals a couple months ago. I wanted an easy way to track and manage my calorie intake without having to cook and weigh food myself. He has completely different needs/desires but we were both able to find what we were looking for here. The vegan chipotle bowl is absolutely delicious. It has a tiny bit of a kick to it and tons of flavor. I order it every single week because it’s so so good. It also surprisingly filling!

Mighty Delicious Breakfast

A great meal to start your day with. Perfect portions and all very flavorful and fulfilling!

Peruvian Rubbed Chicken
Everett Gilliam
Great example of authentic Peruvian chicken

I recently ordered the Peruvian Rubbed Chicken. The chicken and sauces were both spot on! The entire meal was fresh, flavorful, and packed with inspired recipes that will transport your tastebuds to the streets of Peru.

Healthy, Hearty, and Delicious

I'm new to the Mighty Meals world, and I have to say what in the world took me so long to give them a try. The salmon and zucchini noodles were delicious. Great portion size and reheating the meal did not dry out the salmon. If you are a pasta and salmon fan, add this dish to your weekly order.
Cheers to delicious and healthy eating! -DB

Buffalo Chicken Burger
Kathryn Myers

Even the spinach was great on day 3!

Mediterranean Grilled Salmon
Priscilla Sartorius

This fulfills my love of salmon. Definitely would order again.

Carb Friendly Chili*
Vicente Gonzalez
Great meal

Loved it. Delicious and tasty.

Coconut Curry Chicken

This meal is amazing! My daughter loves it more than I do. Definitely recommend trying it.


When heated up in the oven, it's hard to tell it isn't homemade

Chicken Caprese Wrap

Great lunch option for me. Tasty and fresh wrap that doesn't make me feel too full. I order it 3x/month.

Salmon Nicoise Salad
Stephen Maher
Delicious Healthy Meal!

Salmon is done perfectly and the salad ingredients and dressing are perfectly balanced and tasty!

Amazing flavor

This is my first mighty meals order and I’m amazed at how the salmon was cooked to perfection. The orzo side was so tasty as well. My husband was also impressed. Definitely will order again

Lemon Pepper Steak 2.0
Jennifer Krutka
Good upgrade!

Really enjoyed the upgrade to this dish. Also… teach me the ways of cooking this delicious steak, it’s always perfect!!!!


This Mac & Cheese is really good, and such a good amount of protein!

Delicious and great for the kids

We really enjoyed this meal. Full of flavor and the mac & cheese is especially delicious! We have two young kids and they loved it as well.

Bulk Roasted Chicken Bites
Deborah Casselbury
Perfect and delicious

Perfect for a small side or snack. I used a dressing as a dipping sauce and got healthy and tasty meals. Better tasting and healthier than any fast food chicken that I tried.

Thai Basil Shrimp Curry
William Hudson

The Thai Basil Shrimp Curry was great! I would definitely order again. Give it a try if you haven’t already.

Beef Bulgogi*
Meredith Gibbs
Absolutely delicious!!

This meal is just absolutely delicious. So good that at times I've craved it. I get multiples of it every time I order.

Chicken Caponata
Gregory Donitzen
Fresh and Light!

This meal was the perfect fresh summer dish. We absolutely loved the added touch of the artichokes, it was delicious.


I love this dish and order it over and over again. How do they make pasta with meat sauce so macro friendly? Even my kids like it! As a certified nutrition and macro coach, I always recommend Mighty Meals to my local clients.